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dreamfang & frostbite
Anonymous asked: I would say that the two of you wearing your outfits would be really fantastic as far as posting more in this awesome site. Wearing your low top Doc Martens and your friend wearing the Converse in the same photo will be appreciated. Please keep up the great work.

You’re too nice! Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider it. Have a lovely day!

Anonymous asked: I agree that your friend is a very good photographer. Both of you are incredibly gorgeous and deserve the compliment. I would like to call you two 'double trouble' because of your incredible beauty. Looking forward to see the two of you post more.

That’s really kind, bless you! If you have any suggestions, just let us know! We’d love to hear them. 

Anonymous asked: Who is wearing the low top Doc Martens? Looks fantastic to the one wearing those.

That’s me (sofie)! Thank you so much but I think we should congratulate the photographer as well, right? She’s the best.

There’s more yet to come x